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12 days of anime #8 – Something, all along [Aoi Hana]


I couldn’t get around to finishing the Aoi Hana anime, so I choose one moment from the manga. I did check with the anime before writing this post, and still like my manga experience better.

This moment is not groundbreaking in any way. Somehow I just came across it in Aoi Hana and felt impressed enough to remember, since I haven’t consumed a great deal of manga anime these past months.

This year I extend my watchable genres of anime to LGBT-related content. Shimura Takako’s manga was where I chose to start the journey. The result: I thoroughly enjoy her works. Fumi might even be my manga equivalent of Kumiko in terms of favourite characters.

This, however, is a Sugimoto’s scene. The varied genders in Shimura Takako’s works really deserve respect. We know from the beginning that Hourou Musuko deals with transgender people and Aoi Hana with lesbians. But gender issues in these two stories are more diverse than their synopses. In this case, meet Sugimoto the bisexual. Only second to Fumi in my Aoi Hana characters’ ranking.

The teacher whom Sugimoto adored as she entered high school is ironically her soon-to-be brother-in-law. Even so she stubbornly confessed her love, got rejected, and then transferred to another school with a broken heart. The love didn’t fade away, even after Sugimoto had cut her hair, earned the star title of the new school through exceptional performance in arts and sports, and got herself a wonderful girlfriend that was Fumi.

Outwardly she was composed and calm. Nonetheless, Sugimoto was weak. She came back to her old school so as to help the teacher with the drama club, taking the role of the bitter and wild Heathcliff in Wuthering heights. At the last moment, after the blinds had come down, that much anticipated teacher finally showed up to acknowledge her devotion.

Aoi Hana c9 - nice workAoi Hana c9 - tearsAoi Hana c9 - sugimoto

To me this feeling is something like “I’ve been waiting for this all along”. Something along that line. Also, something more than that.

My mind may be a mess, but my heart is simple. Posts written from the heart are certainly brief since a simple heart is lazy to explain. I’ve already been very smart, clever, witty, intelligent, etc. in the previous published posts. So there must be something I can’t explain that should be left for the future me to figure out, right?

Seriously how in the world shall I write 12 posts…

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