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12 days of anime #1 – To stare at a blank surface [Barakamon]


My friend once told me that when she writes a fiction, the first thing she would think of is the ending. She would find a way to reach it; the path may change but then it helps her to move forwards. I heard this advice back in the beginning of 2013, followed it to finish my own story, and only then could I start this blog.

It helps to know where I’m going. From the moment I announced my participation in the 12 days of anime, I knew that I would end this with Barakamon, that I would stare at a blank sheet on Christmas day, feeling scared and trying to type in the words anyway.

Unlike other series or movies mentioned previously, Barakamon actually aired and ended this year.

You see, Barakamon is not the best, but I save it for last mainly because this light-hearted series put across a simple message that is motivational enough to keep me going.


Barakamon 04 - paint

This is how the story goes:

Thanks to a retreat to one peaceful island, the handsome Handa had the chance to contemplate his future prospect in calligraphy, looking out for inspiration and understanding the hindrances that were holding him back.

One day (I mean episode 4), a local resident asked Handa to write the name for a new ship, using brush and paint on an unfamiliar surface. Handa was a skillful calligrapher, but looking at that blank surface scared him. As he couldn’t bear the thought of screwing up, he just stood there wavering. It was then that this child Naru decided to come up and innocently left her handprint on the port side of the ship. The turn of events shifted Handa’s attention, leaving him no other choice but to cover up that handprint.

Suddenly Handa realized the task had become a lot less frightening. After that, he just wrote the ship’s name the way he had always written on paper sheets before. When the ship owner returned, he saw that this young calligrapher was enjoying the writing task. Only then could the middle-aged resident witness and agree with the rumour that this was truly the person who can laugh when he works.


The episode brings home to me a fact that’s long been forgotten. Sometimes I can actually have a smile on my face when I write these kinds of review posts. I reread for 3 or 4 times every post I publish, just because I feel like doing so. All the time, I laugh at my own jokes. If there’s something that I really enjoy, it’s keeping this blog.

When you intend to write such a final post, you don’t give up halfway through. I know my English is getting repetitive and plain and wrong, but this journey has definitely given me a good stretch. I am tired and I’m weak (and I haven’t caught up with Mushishi) but I think I’m strong enough to give this 12 days series a good end. There were times I thought that the collection of 12 continuous posts are too ridiculous and too much for me, but now I’m just glad I carried on until the end, because, again, I wrote some things that I feel like rereading and smiling at.


I need to sleep like right now.

And happy new year, dear readers :)

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