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12 days of anime #9 – Almost better backgrounds than Shinkai Makoto’s [Tekkon Kinkreet]


I’ll give you a good reason to watch Tekkon Kinkreet: the backgrounds.

TK 1
They absolutely blew me away.

TK 2

It was the moment when I finally got over my prejudice against the ugly character designs and the thorny yakuza theme.

TK 3

It was then the moment that I realized Shinkai Makoto is not the only wallpaper champion as I had previously believed.

TK 4

The original art and story were done by the guy who also created Ping Pong the Animation – which is currently among the strongest contenders for Anime of the Year 2014 – so don’t worry.

TK 5

Wait, you didn’t expect me to just throw random screencaps on the blog?

TK 6

But that’s the whole purpose of this post.

TK 7

Every now and then I need to take a break and write something brainless, too, you know.

TK 8

This movie receives so little attention that it hurts.

TK 9

Oh, and the synopsis in short: Two delinquent orphans Black and White fight against gangsters to protect their Treasure Town.

TK 10

I’d say the movie’s beautiful, stylish, breathtaking, gripping, heart-warming, amazing, etc.

TK 11

Again, the backgrounds, they’re addicting.

TK 12

This movie possesses the uniqueness that when the year ends and you don’t know what to write for a “12 days of anime” post, you’ll feel an urge to mention it. It’s that memorable.

Seriously, please check it out if it catches your eye.

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