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12 days of anime #10 – My first anime festival experience [Final Fantasy X]


Before starting to write about anime on this blog, I was a silent reader of anime reviews and never contributed to any anime forums. Well, I did have one forum account, like, years ago in high school, which remained so obscure that perhaps we just shouldn’t bring it up.

In other words, I barely showed any signs of fangirling over “Japanese cartoons”. It goes without saying that I didn’t care to pay a visit to anime festivals in the city, either.

But then I felt guilty, especially when the number of anime I watched increased, when my interest brought me closer to the community and when my writing on anime made an impression that I was so sympathetic, knowledgeable and wonderful that I must have known everything concerning anime already (this is my blog and I’m a lonely immature lady; I have the right to fantasize).

Role play festival

My point is, in November, I managed to set foot to this Roleplay Festival at last. The friend that went with me, nicknamed Dark Moon, was crazy about cosplaying. She dragged me straight to the auditorium where a music contest was taking place, just because, according to the schedule, her favourite cosplayer would make an appearance afterwards.

But the contest went on and on; the renowned cosplayer was nowhere to be seen. Really, how many contestants were there?

Though I had no intention of sitting still in the midst of the festival, after a while, the songs, as well as the contestants, grew on me. To be fair, I don’t always get the chance to see people dressed up and sing anime openings / endings on stage. It was a strange sight. They were young people of my generation, wearing extraordinary clothing, singing in a distinctly foreign language, performing confidently / nervously / passionately the music from a wide variety of anime. Some songs were familiar, some were not.

My friend commented that most songs were new  (Kill la Kill, Tokyo Ghoul, K project, etc.), while she couldn’t manage to keep up with recent series. We both wondered if there would be any old song, considering that the contestants were so young.

I must say that the performance of Mononoke Hime theme song was no doubt a winner. And the Odoru Ponpokorin one was pleasantly fun. However, we are not talking about those.

Suddenly there came this brave gentle girl who announced that she would sing a song from the anime Final Fantasy X. When was the last time I heard of it, “Suteki da ne”? And when was the first time? Must have been one decade ago. The singer did nothing particularly impressive, but the melody was strongly nostalgic, what with all the strings and the slow beat. I must have watched the music video clip a thousand times that images from the game came rushing back into my mind.

Dark Moon turned to me, halfway through the performance, and said something like: “Can you believe it? I knew nothing about Japanese, but back then I used to memorise every word of this song just to sing along.”

Immediately after that, she began to sing along to the lyrics. Those words were still stuck in her memory.

I remembered her love for the song because it was in our secondary days that e-Chip released their first volume. They gave away a disk with this song and wrote a detailed review of the game. This friend was among the first ones I showed the magazine to. Throughout that whole year, everytime she came to my house, she would suggest listening to the song again, claiming that it was the best song ever. The lyrics and melody must have found their own place in my subconsciousness after all that time.

Therefore, it came as little surprise that I eventually let go of my coolness for a moment and sing together with her.

Guess I still remembered some lines of the lyrics. And we both had some fun. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Suteki da ne Role Play Fes

(I believe that Final Fantasy X should not be listed as an anime, but thank you anyway, miss brave and gentle contestant, for singing such a lovely song to us audience.)

  1. ndqanhvn permalink

    The game is good too. If you haven’t played it, give it a try. The story is decent, world-building is excellent, gameplay is a bit too simple and easy for my taste, but still a good game. (My most favorite in the franchise is always FFXII though. Stay away from FXIII at all cost!)

    • I really should’ve played it last year. Now the time investment just scares me away. But I have it at home, so maybe someday.

      It’s nice to hear that you like FFXII since I don’t know much about the franchise after FFX. I also have FFXIII here (my brother has, actually), not gonna touch it, but thanks for the warning :))

      • ndqanhvn permalink

        The reason I like it that much is because it’s just damn fun to play. Seriously, nowadays the name of FF is somewhat a joke: the franchise has invested so much in beautiful cut scenes that many games feel like interactive movie rather than games, and a result is that horrible god forsaken XIII. But XII’s gameplay is very good. But I think it’s quite more difficult than most other FF.

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