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12 days of anime #12 – A one-year anniversary of anime blogging

  1. Rambling first

It’s been a while since I last wrote something worthwhile in English, which is why it feels so awkward using English now. I just don’t want to throw away my years of practising, so here I am finding some terrible excuse to brush up on the skill.

I’m going to participate in the “12 days of anime” and write 12 posts (hopefully) discussing anime.

12 days of anime is a tradition among the aniblogger community. Every year around Christmas, people review 12 anime-related moments which are memorable to them in that year. 14th December is the starting date. But I gather that the rules are not really strict anyway. I’ll just write whatever I like.

Please bear with me. Also, please don’t hesitate to point out my mistakes, grammatical or content-wise. I’m supposed to thicken my face.

In case anyone is worried about the tight schedule, I’m aware of my priorities as well.

So, yeah, let me end my year with some sparks of forced brilliance.

  1. Facts next

Back in 2012, I was re-introduced to the anime industry through Fate/Zero. As an enthusiast of the Fate franchise, my friend Joel provided me with all necessary backgrounds of the story, some basic otaku terminologies, and a brief profile of Mr Urobuchi the creator. She even shared the full series in all its 720p glory (since 1080p was way too luxurious for my laptop unfortunately). I only needed to sit back and watch.

The result: Fate/Zero was blockbusting. It piqued my interest, making me eager to check out some other series. The anime world was so overwhelming back then and I was such a newbie.  Endless options were waiting for me to pick up.

The first one I ever chose after that was Bakemonogatari.

I caught a glimpse of this series while watching random anime music videos on youtube. At the time I couldn’t even make out what it was about, but Senjougahara looked sorta eccentric in the clip, and the helpful credits directed me to Bakemonogatari. Just to be prudent, I did as much research as possible to make sure that this anime would worth my time, and to my surprise, anime blogging/reviewing was such a norm out there, a habit, a healthy activity for people who love writing and discussing. Reading reviews on Bakemonogatari only strengthened the watching experience. It was such a success that since then, I have embarked on a quest to marathon old and new series recommended by bloggers that I find reliable.

A year later, when I thought of starting an anime blog, the first candidate that came to mind was, certainly, the one and only Monogatari Series Second Season.

My “anime blog” now celebrates its (belated) one-year anniversary. Cheers for Monogatari. Also, no one could ever forget Fate/Zero. As long as they are quality stuff, I’m glad I’ve wasted my time on them.



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