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[Story] Starry Night


Disclaimer: I found this while tidying up my room. The story is not entirely my work, but was based on something Nhân read on the internet, and was developed by our group (Nhân, Girl & me) for the Language Skills class’s assignment. In other words, I only contributed some suggestions and put the ideas into words. I’m proud of the outcome anyway.

Also, happy Mid Autumn Festival.

One beautiful autumn day, Nhân and Duy decided to go camping by the river bank near the forest. It was Duy’s idea to pitch the tent there. He loved to have a bath in the cool stream and have fun with the fish. That day was not a normal day, actually. That day was the 2010 full moon festival day. While everybody was hustling in the city hectic rat race, Nhân wanted to celebrate the once-in-a-year festival with no one else but his dear friend Duy. They two peacefully enjoyed those precious moments until night fell.

“There will be pimples all over my face if I stay up too late” – Duy said. He quickly wished Nhân good night and lay asleep. Nhân shrugged: “Okay, I also need a deep sleep to grow taller. You know, some growth hormones only release after midnight…”. That was how the day ended. However, the main part of the story only began then.

At midnight, regardless of the growth hormones, Nhân woke up. For some reason nobody knew, he woke Duy up too.

“Duy, do you notice anything in the sky above?” – Nhân asked.

“Notice what? I’m still very sleepy…”

“Just answer me, you’ll find my question useful later.”

Really, how can the question be useful? To please his friend, Duy tried his best to open the eyes and look attentively at the sky.

“Nhân, you’re so sweet. You want me to witness the starry sky, right? I can see a lot of stars there. Twinkle twinkle little ones…”

Nice try, Duy. Let’s see if Nhân was satisfied with that.

“No, Duy” – Nhân calmly disapproved – “I need another answer.”

Nhân was so demanding. He should have known that his friend was not so smart. Nhân didn’t even give a single clue. Anyway, Duy refused to give up:

“I know, it’s a trick question! You mean there are Ms Hằng & Mr Cuội on the moon, don’t you? I guess they are eating moon cakes and drinking tea tonight. They have to celebrate, just like us too.”

“How childish! I’m asking for real. Take another look, closer!”

Since Nhân lost his patience, Duy had to be more serious. He shouldn’t spare even a small spot in that sky. There must be something Nhân wanted to show him. At last, Duy shouted in joy:

“Can you see that, Nhân!? A shooting star! Let’s make a wish right now!”

Looking at his partner, Nhân slowly shook his head.

“My stupid Duy, I wish you were a little bit more intelligent. Don’t you feel so cold this night? Haven’t you ever wondered why you could see the sky so clearly?”

And this is what Nhân had wanted to say so desperately:

“Someone has stolen our tent!!!”

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