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[Translated] Em Kể Anh Nghe – Nguyễn Hải Phong


As far as I know, “Em Kể Anh Nghe” is the theme song of “Cột Mốc 23”. I have never watched that movie, though. I stumbled upon the music video and found that the song was pretty decent.

What impressed me was that Linh Phi had a kinda affected style not only Vietnamese lyrics but also an English translation were subbed right in the clip. And I loved that idea. I decided to improve on their translation by keeping the rhymes, ensuring singable lyrics and trying to make my version as subtle as the original  (which means not using any “die” word).

Btw, Nguyễn Hải Phong is the composer.

Translated song: Let me tell you

– Translator: sangeld –

It is time to go a-far
It is time we grew a-part
My joy’s collaps-i-ng
Oh life’s short-last-i-ng
Just like that, the sunrise soon draws near
The gentle breeze holds me dear
This once I calmly lie down here

Sometimes I try to for-get
Sometimes I still re-flect
Don’t keep on holding fast
All efforts will fall flat
Just like that, love visits me day by day
My smile gets warm right away
A day for me when peace pervades

My time used to know no bounds
Now it has been running out
If I knew beforehand this end,
All I’d ask is one more day

What if I can’t smile again
What if future turns mundane
Some light shines at the end of this road
As my eyes softly close
A new day still unfolds…

  1. The song isn’t my cup of tea but kudos for the singable translation^^

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